Love Story In Harvard

Yesterday i watched a so romatic story called Love Story In Harvard than even now I can’t calm down. I was impressed so deeply by every moment in this story during the eight hours i spent to watch the teleplay.There’s a long time i haven’t been moved by something . However , this time , the affection was full of my body , my heart , even my soul. So far , I even can’t believe that there can be a teleplay which could move me so deeply.
The moment when Kim win the litigation in which SooIn Lee was accused that she didn’t do  the proper treatment to the patient makes me want to cry..
The moment when Kim kiss the SooIn Lee in the washroom soulfully touches my soul..
The moment when Kim called the name of Lee from her apartment make me feel hearttrending..
The moment when they are seperated by the bus windows and Kim say "you are my angel" and they kiss between the windows which was called the Angel’s kiss  move me deeply..
The moment ..
They make me smile , laugh , grieved , hearttrending , even cry.
It’s the first time that a teleplay make me feel so many emotions just around eight hours.
Further more , the atmosphere of study in the Harvard University astonished me .
In my life which i even can’t regard as a "life", there are so many differences from the real life in Harvard.
I knew that Love Story in Harvard was just a teleplay . I knew that many of the scenarios in the play maybe were fictive . However, I believe that there must be a life in this world can be like that , which I long to so much.
The love , the life , and all in the play touch my soul.
Maybe those were so familiar in my life in which i am also a collegue student besides that they are in the Harvard university in the teleplay and I am in NK University in the real life.
These scenarios are so much close to my real life , so thay can move me so deeply.
I long to the love in the teleplay , long to the life in the teleplay ..
But i know that these were just in the play .
It’s worthy to cut down my life even ten years in this world if only i can live in that life and come through that love.
Although that was just a dream , i know that i can change my life with my hands .
Just do it ,  you can win.

5 thoughts on “Love Story In Harvard

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